what’s new [and what's old!!]

The birth certificate came!!! And earlier than expected—phew. Guess I am heading south this week!!!!

Something else got delivered to my home address as well—that would be a few things!

Shiny things.

Some of the latest * kitchen * love.

New appliances. Oh!! Oh!!!

I had that we’ll get appliances someday attitude going strong. Was even fooling myself.

Then Mr. K surprises me. He gives me a call on his lunch break to swing over to Appliance Smart and take a look at some things he put on hold for me.

Aw shucks.

Smiles and jubilee!

[Appliance Smart is so great! We got a discount on the stove since it was a return, dishwasher is last years model, and the fridge is a new model but still came in a bit under the other big shops around town.]

And that simple faucet. [Kohler Simplice] I describe it as just there. I was torn about what style. The dark, oil-rubbed bronze faucet made sense with the pulls, but made way too big of a deal about itself and I want the sink to do that on its own.

There is another feature that is still missing.

It will be so lovely. That is when I can install it. (See it’s not really up to code-this-code-that.)

But so cute isn’t it??

Worker Peter (you must check out Peter’s corner at Second Hand Rose. He’s the one with all the signage and that industrial touch), custom made it for me to hang 18 inches from the ceiling.

I ask for one with some good rust on it and he delivered!

I love!

As for the island surface top—

—drum roll—


An old workshop table. (!!!!!)

I get to have some old wood in my kitchen!! I can say things like “reclaimed and industrial,” I do so love those words. They are not always easy to come by. Thank you Second Hand Rose!!

Jake helped Mr. K cut this baby down and it will go smack dab on the island…

The island.

This one got outta hand. I mean it.

Right now I will say it is arguably adorable. But only on these two sides.

This was after I put on way to much crackle paint medium and it sort of was ooozing or bleeding itself to death. Looking more scary versus homey.

No scraper would do the trick. Mr. K hauled this outside and sanded it down, thus the current look.

I’ll have to pull some tricks out of my sleeve on this project. Likely it will end up looking aqua, hoping for a bit of a sheen and a layered look. Somehow.

Need to get back to emptying the POD—dang.

And need to pack my bags as I can now can say I am officially heading south! Yay!


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  1. Deb Erpelding
    Posted March 13, 2012 at 6:16 pm | Permalink

    This is fantastic, friend! LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE it!!!!

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