while you wait.

To quote Julie’s words, “forecast: 100% chance of depressing.” That’s been the deal outside and women all week that I have talked to have echoed this how-low-can-we-go kind of attitude. If you are feeling out of sorts, you’re not alone.

I have reached my tipping point today. And I am not subscribing for a single 24 hour special of spring, I want the daily addition. The sticking around for awhile, you can count on me now kind of sun and warmth.

Looking for a pick-me-up-out-and-out-of-here—I go to my small fields of green.

They need some tending, a weekly chore I adore. (And one I actually do.) Gearing up with the perfect pair of completely unnecessary gardening gloves I roll up my sleeves and get to work with scissors in hand.

So grateful for this sacred color green, and it helps. It is something living, even when outside is so dog-gone-dreary.

Hope you are all hanging in there. Do whatever you need to feel the life that we are all craving by this time of year. I admitted to Mr. K today that he is doing nothing wrong / no one needs to do anything different / but that I am not in a good mood and trying really hard to do the day.

I do see the dark weather of Good Friday and Saturday as a symbol of loss and grief. I can go there and even partner in a small bit of suffering on behalf of this Easter weekend.

Here’s to new life tomorrow. Of celebrating our ultimate hope, ultimate life giving and breathing resurrecting hope. And I smile at the thought of the warm 64 degree and sunny forecast too.

For today, I wait. I try not to snap the heads off of those I live with, and I wait.

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