happy may!

Very happy! Truly. It actually feels like May today and I officially say welcome! Join us— you may even stay awhile as far as I’m concerned. Let us linger in your loveliness. Your 60′s never felt so good after this down and out dreary April. And I’d take any 70′s you have up your sleeve too. And a slight breeze? Why yes.

Thanks Julie for our both/and theme for May. I do love love.

Reasons why I wish-I-May:

It isn’t winter anymore. (Well, maybe…)
Garage saling! (Ohhh yea!!! Me too!!!)
Dboy will become a teen. (Yes, Dboy—you may.)
I will sit on my retaining wall. (And may plant something along it?)
I will grill outdoors. (Others may join in.)
I will go to hockey games. (It is May after all.)
I will see The Teen dolled up for her first spring formal. (I may faint.)
I will tackle something around my house. (Or maybe just Mr. C?)
I will move my body—yoga or walks or something!! (Don’t even say maybe Emily.)
I will celebrate 16 years from the Friday evening I said “I do” to Mr. K. (May we continue to live happily ever after.)

Want this calendar for yourself? You may! Just click-click and print.

may calendar color |     may calendar bw

Any wish-you-Mays? Would love to hear what this month holds for you—to all that may come your way.

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  1. Posted May 4, 2011 at 6:42 am | Permalink

    I love all your mays! My wish-I-May: Please may I please take some walks outdoors that do not require a winter hat and coat. And part of that is the yes I may, yes I must, MOVE MY BODY!

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