cutting counters.

Much ado about this topic. And it’s not nothing. All in a tight time-frame of several things moving in: parents, winter and looming money topics.

What should we do with the *%#@* tables in the garage, (or at least under his breathe) some said. Others said, “how fun we have these ready and waiting for when the big day comes!”

They were found, and kept.

Should I let go of this battle? Do I part with these steal of a deal kitchen supplies? They are the symbol of being one step closer to a dream and saying goodbye to the currentĀ awkward layout.

PersuadingĀ Mr. K, while at times still convincing myself I keep going on in. Add on the further pressure of my craftsman Papa chiming in with “people really use wood for countertops?” and “I’m not so sure how the laminate edging is going to work. That might just chip right off.”

My own father. Against me.

The three of us, standing right there in the battle zone of the kitchen (squished) all together. Me, standing very alone, giving it another shot:

“Oh, wooden countertops, they are so durable. Perfect, really! No – - no need to worry about water damage. There are so many mineral oil options – plus, we could easily have some marble cutting boards on hand. And having the counters marked up over time is a fun look. (Umm. That direction isn’t looking safe…) The island could be made out of a different material for chopping. How does a sink work up against wood? We will just be able to get one of those all in one apron sinks, that has a built in back splash and drying rack – just put a counter on the left, on the right, and we’ll be all set… Laminate edging? We can just buy a new strip and replace it if that gets chipped up… Totally doable.”

What do I see? No real love flowing back. Maybe more like skeptical stares.

How about this Mr. K.: Try cutting one. Just one. (!!!) If we (as-in-he) can’t get it to cut, or it’s a total pain to work with: I will move on. Please. I will sell the rest of the tables on Craigslist if this just isn’t going to work.

To be honest there wasn’t a lot of love flowing at that moment still. His eyes were giving him away. The expression said: “I just want to park my cars in this cramped two car garage, and never see these 400 lb. tables again.”

I took a timeout and ran some errands with The Teen. Coming home, this is what I see:

In the two hours I was away, after all the moving and shaking he is now onto cutting table #5. I ask tentatively, “how did it go hon?”

“Not bad.” (I think I even hear a smidgen of lift to his voice).

Then before you know it he comes in the house, I hear “clear off a counter, (he knows to say that…) let’s take a look at one of these.”

Oh, giddy am I. And the biggest surprise hidden underneath the surface?

What I have now is five 4′ sections cut and ready to go. That’s 20′ of countertops. With support legs and shelving supplies standing at the ready.

What could of torn us apart brought us closer together. Well, I wouldn’t go quite there. Let’s just say it didn’t tear us apart. And I have to look at this as one step closer to my (I mean our) new kitchen. For both of those things I am grateful.

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    progress for sure. Crazy seeing that piece of wood in your kitchen!!!

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