off to work!

Up at at ‘em.

A rare experience. As in the first and likely last of this year. I wake up and leave the house—to work.

Mr. K stays home—well, trying to still work.

I think I needed this. I work. Yea. You work. We all work – and lots of us even work from home while working from home. I do some of that too.

But today, I got to experience working outside the home. Work on something that I’ve gotten to be a bit creative with…playful even. I get to talk to complete and utter strangers about things they may or may not have any interest in hearing about—and I want to do it. But walking in with this basket, who wouldn’t want to talk with me?

After putting on my work boots, I checked my list twice and headed out an hour before I had to get there. (What the???) See, I need to admit – I don’t know the morning traffic patterns. And who wants to be late on their one and only work morning? I do the Starbucks drive through, (yay!!!) ordering it extra hot I sip and savor.

How did my work day go? Well, I would say very well thank-you.

How was your workday? And how about that traffic?

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  1. Posted November 17, 2010 at 10:10 pm | Permalink

    LOL. No I mean it. I’m laughing OUT LOUD. You crack me up.

    I love, love the work boots. And who could possibly resist talking to the girl carrying that colorful bundle of cheer?! Seriously. Oh – and way to get there on time for your one and only out-of-the-house workday. That is impressive. With traffic and all.

    As for me, my workday was fair to good, and the commute from my bed to the loft office was slowed down only by the stop for hot, hot tea in the pink kitchen. Oh, and getting R-kids off to school.

    Which reminds me. I should wrap up this workday and head to bed before the next one begins. Later!

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