happy march!

And really – really for those anywhere near MN, this getting into March business is a big deal!

And rally – rally for a moment with us about Women’s History Month. Thanks Heath for sitting with March and passing along what inspired you. There is something good, solid and grounded about pausing and looking at the value of Our History as women—I sure know that without so many compassionate, strong and loving hearts I would have really lost out.

It’s cool to me that for women who have been able to scoop me up at times, to speak to me straight to my heart, to have eyes that tear up on my behalf, and lots and lots of moments of just being and holy cow just being silly—I love thinking that all of these women had lives touched by women and those before them and so on and so on. The roots run deep.

Here’s the fun I had with my flower – print, play and display.

I took full advantage of the doodling option – I crammed in name after name of women that came to me top of mind and heart as I reflected, just jamming them all into my full flower. And I enjoyed the coloring of the orange, that’s me. Full of life and grateful.

I then realized I could see faces of women, but didn’t know their names – so I went with “coffee shop worker” (not you Jane), or “shopper woman” (that’s you – the woman from the communal dressing room at len druskin outlet, you had great feedback on some jeans), or the one who just today was willing to get all excited about an item I was all ga-ga over as I assumed she was a worker. Then later crossing paths again she turns to me sharing a moment of glee over a little stack of books. I like you. So just today I kept saying to myself and outloud “women are nice! women are fun!”

Ok, just one more – it started out at a Target end-cap, a funky display of must-have outdoor dishware and accessories. This then lead to a whole conversation about how we both long for a screen porch or patio type space and how possibly purchasing this whole line would somehow magically bring this longing to reality sooner. We both walk away without purchasing any of the must-haves but have a good laugh and geesh that was probably what I needed most that day. And so much cheaper.

I hope you can enjoy this yourself!

March with Names–Color | March Blank–Color | March with Names–B&W | March Blank–B&W

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  1. Beth Johnsoon
    Posted March 6, 2011 at 12:02 pm | Permalink

    very creative…

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