a blanket thanks.

Julie, yes, I adore blankies. I’m glad you’ve noticed. And I love the introduction to dottie angel, I am smitten. I dragged a bankie around as a little tot and they still have appeal to me. They say “come and sit with me – - stay as long as you like.” I want people to see something homey and ragged when they walk in the house. Something that can meet each person right where they are at on any given day. Arrogant and stiff does nothing for me.

I also see Dottie’s (or Tif’s) quite ambitious with making homemade crocheted hangers. I have been fortunate to find each treasure at random garage sales; every time thinking: why would you sell these?? Keeping this thought to myself, I just set down the couple of quarters with a smile and go on my merry way. They are not only adorable – but perfect – at keeping clothes on them and not making any harsh shoulder marks. My appreciation to whoever put the time and energy into these blankies and hangers, each and every stitch, hook, needle crank and cranny.

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