some wish I coulds.

I have and continue to have issues with this household I live in. The girls have heard it all. I sway back and forth among my ponderings: we chose to buy the house, it is shelter thus I should always maintain an attitude of gratefulness, what were the builders thinking, and waiting for the changes I would like. So that is – we did, we are, what were, and I wait.

The sliding doors that you happened upon heath got me in a dreaming place.

For obvious reasons, these beveled window entry closet doors are just not working for me.

In the meantime of dreaming up a solution, I bump into these so-cute-it-hurts orange lockers on my last treasure hunt. Realizing that one way around the ugly closet door is to just get rid of them and let these orange lockers get all the attention they deserve as they stow the entry items with swagger.

The lovely post sliders – - hmmm – - – how about here??

In case the problem isn’t clear here: there are big rays of sunlight right beyond these layers of drywall and siding. Like many homes built in the 1970′s, they put these rooms behind the garage and liken them to a dungeon. This room has no idea what warm sunlight feels like since it only adorns one north facing window. So how about a window with sliding doors as curtains??

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