craigslist: the tables? no!

Ok Julie. Yes, you are giving me a kick-in-the-pants, that has a sense of being kicked-while-I’m-down. (oh, that came across quite sad – I was going more for clever). So this whole Craiglist topic brought up an issue for me. You have all gotten to be an eye witness to the woes of my kitchen, and that painful dream remains.

How do you do it people? Home equity loan? Lemonade stands? Beg, borrow or steal? How to make changes to this kitchen? I have been holding this question for-ev-er, I also have been keeping my eyes open for ways – tricky ways – around the typical system. From wandering IKEA, to looking at objects and wondering if they could somehow turn into an island, or a cabinet, I seek, and seek.

That’s where Eddie Bauer comes in. They were getting rid of all their display tables. Hmmm. I roamed and measured. Could these be the base for lower kitchen cabinets? With real wood countertops? Could two side by side work as an island? And for $25.00 a piece….

I call Mr. K, and what I get is honesty. “I’m a no man on this one, but if your gut says to get them, get them.” I bought 7 tables that night, and coordinated a pick up team the following night.

Driving away I have both a – oh, crap what did I just buy – and a – what if I just got a ton of good supplies for our kitchen?

Mr. K, nephew Jack and Julie haul these babies out one by one. The numbers being tossed around are close to 400 lbs each for these solid commercial grade tables. (whoops!) At midnight officially ours, they take up one of the two parking stalls in our garage.

There they sit. “Yea!” I say. Coming out with camera in hand. “Just imagine hon!!” I see the facial expression and then ask “maybe now is not the right time for shared enthusiasm???” Correct.

My brain has not stopped. It is all worked out in my head. I see a vision of these being cut to the 28″ depth of a custom countertop. We have all the shelving to use for any sides or cupboard fronts. Or leave the shelves open, put in baskets on gliders, or to dye for funky random drawers with pulls like these from second hand rose:


But Craigslist has been coming up. Mr. K has said it outloud. And now Julie, you bring it up this very week. And nana and papa are moving in. And Mr. K likes to park both cars in the garage.

So people – cheer me on! Do you see potential? Keep the tables, right? You agree, sell anything else on Craigslist  this week – anything. And keep collecting supplies, whether flooring, open shelving, an old farm sink and get this kitchen for less than anyone has ever seen possible, right?? Because if it’s 40k we need, I don’t see that end of the rainbow. If it’s time to get creative and a how-low-can-we-go style. Maybe.

Rally your support with a comment. Prayers are welcome as well. (if I go as far as asking for money, I have completely lost it and suggest you never read this blog again)

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  1. Posted August 24, 2010 at 6:27 pm | Permalink

    Anything but the tables!!! Do not sell the tables! Keep dreaming, keep collecting. You have a gem for a husband – as proof of him saying “go with your gut” even when he probably had no clue how Eddie Bauer could possibly relate to a future kitchen, and then showing up and spending hours hauling 400-lb. tables through the mall. All of that was worth it. I believe it was! This can happen, girl. It will! I believe!

    In fact…. Craigslist is a good place to find old farm sinks…. And flooring…

    Just sayin.

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