i got tagged! school basket dilemma.

So I took a bit of action on this battle of paper. It hasn’t resolved or fixed any of my problems. But it was fun and will be useful. First things first, Crissy asked what do I do with school paper and projects. Once I get it off my desk (challenge number one) most of the papers find there way into a couple of bins that I tuck under our bed.

These bins have not been sifted through or thought out. And there are a lot more of them in the basement. Yep.

At  SHR I came upon some super-duper fun wallpaper. Notice the paper hungry woman licking her lips on the right. In her dreams Lady!!! (People! I’m kidding, I let her have a roll…)

I have a paper problem and buying more paper. But only $2.00. And an excuse to get creative!

This plain old Ikea organizer lacks a roughed-up look or any appeal to be worthy of being out and about. Tucked away in a cupboard, it may-as-well not exist (recall I suffer with OOSOOM disease), so any paper that comes home from either The Teen or  Dboy ends up just floating about. I need that easily acecssible – might-want-to-save-forever-but-don’t-want-to-chose-that-right-now contained space. And it just might have to have some cuteness to it.

So how about I wrap this baby up and give it some charm?

Using standard craft glue I put the paper on.

I drill some holes (all by me-self) and put on a target clearance piece of hardware.

So far, neatly filed, versus just piled, is The Teens driving school form.

Boastfully this retro storage box sits out in the open for all to see. Now there is potential for The Teen’s and Dannyboy’s papers to be conquered and divided.






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