roughing it.

Somehow in the midst of all this table drama of hauling, purchasing, stacking, discussing, with some arguing, I got two of these stainless steel babies that I’ve been wondering about. Side-by-side they could make a fun island when that day comes. With Mr. K wanting to park cars in the garage, I got to dreaming up a new desk for my office space.

It’s just not ready – I think I need to kick this table around a bit first. In two afternoons I did the following:

Papa assisted for a bit. He is a craftsman. This needs to be said because he truly is. He does things right and doesn’t mess around.

Then he had the privilege of setting up a folding chair right by the garbage can there and providing unsolicited advice:

- “make sure you are sanding all in the same direction, go real easy.”
[to then hear me try to explain that the worse job I do, the better I will like the look.]

- “is that paint enamel or latex? don’t want this chipping of…”
[to then hear me try to explain that I actually wouldn't mind if it chipped off.]

- “it will be getting dark soon, you better step on it.”
[thanks, dad. yes, it is getting darker earlier these days.]

Day one – the color (surprise! aqua!!) was on. And yes, it was quite a bit before dark.

Day two. I want more of a fall aqua. Like my original kitschen blue.

I painted it on a couple of sides at a time and then dragged a rag through. Why? Cause a rag was sitting there and I thought of it.

Now onto my favorite part – let’s put some character on this table. Some sound evidence of having existed. A story. Meaning. Life…you get the idea. I dug in my pile of paints (acrylic dad, on furniture. likely a no-no) and found this bronze color.

Just getting a bit of the bronze on a big ole brush I had some fun.

I even rubbed the metal part of the brush here and there. (my favorite move is that slanted line and that choppy edge. oh. I couldn’t pull that exact same thing off again, but will always treasure the moment and stare at that perfect mess…)

Ta-dah! I am sleek and aged!

I can’t wait to have my mac stand proud on this both sturdy and roughed-up-around-the-edges table.

Coming soon.

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  1. Crissy
    Posted October 1, 2010 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    yum. the color is just right. did you paint both tables? I am having a little table envy over here. and the process to get there was a delight to read.

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