happy hour.

happy hour | the both andHey friends, Julie here for the girls. Happy Friday! Happy fall. Happy October. Yep, they’ve all three officially arrived, and even if they’re not all happy all the time, we’re in it together, right?

Hope you can take a moment to celebrate your week (or at least celebrate that it’s over?), perhaps with the beverage that relaxes you most. I’ll be enjoying some time with the girls this weekend. I’m not sure how it’s going to look yet—I’ve left the planning in their sweet and capable hands. There are things about this month that I’ve been really, really not looking forward to and now it’s here. Friends that they are, they’ve offered to be with me in it, especially as it gets going.

So here’s to kicking off the month, the weekend, and the season together. And to all the both/ands it may hold.

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