simple math.

In going ahead with this DIH project, I recall some “yea! we as-in-he are really doing this! it will look great! aren’t we lucky!”

Now over a month into this day-to-day rhythm, something is not adding up right.

If  Mr. K’s two hands are always tied up with digging, hauling, loading, and cutting in the back yard, when it comes to every-single-inside-cleaning need; does that leave me with just my two hands?

Let’s see: -2  hands + 2 hands = 0 hands.

Ok, this is worse than I thought.

Maybe I need to start with the positive (not feeling very subjective right now):

4 hands – 2 of his hands = my 2 hands.

So my two hands. That’s what I am left with. Trying to rethink this, but it keeps coming back to me, my two hands, and the inside of this house.

I do have to hand it to Dannyboy and The Teen, as they do offer help with their chore contributions. Part of that is Dannyboy mowing the ground outside the house, and conveniently The Teen has been out of town. So that leaves me with me, and Mr. C.

When it comes to Mr. C’s two hands…I wouldn’t say they contribute toward any means of cleanliness. I guess factoring him in really adds up to one of my hands being subtracted, at least one. So now I am just down to one measly hand, or even counting fingers on the one hand, versus this house.

Though I would love to give you an update on the getting-closer-to-an-after landscaping project, here’s a look at what I am up against on both the inside of the house and my head.

What more is there to say? I’d give myself a hand, but not only am I not physically able, but based on the visual in front of me I don’t think it’s truly called for. On the other hand, I do think I deserve a pat on the back. That I can do.

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