Hirshfields name that color contest

Are you with me in having envied those that get paid to come up with fun and quirky names for things like paint colors? I had the privilege to play creative writer extraordinaire after seeing a name that paint color contest by Hirshfields. I pick a few colors and rub my forehead (like I see Julie do) and wait for the magic to come. Thinking I am all grand and punchy, I write a few color names and descriptions, hit send and don’t think a thing of it. (because no one really wins – right?)

As I say this I realize likely you have already heard: I won for one of my color names. There it is. And that was just the beginning.

I was asked to come camera ready for a shoot. Or maybe in hindsight the ask was if I was okay with getting my picture taken, not sure if the word shoot was technically ever used. Regardless, when the day came I began prepping for my big photo opportunity.

What to wear? I want my outfit to best reflect my color name: First Date. This was in no way asked of me, but in my mind is pretty obvious. I go with a head to toe Anthropologie look that I’ve collected from various sale rack shopping trips – an innocent floral shirt with peeks of the right pink color, to an AG hip hugging skirt, to knee high floral tights – and I top it all off with just the right amount of innocent curl.

Bringing Mr. C to to a friends as to avoid any distractions on shoot, I explain to him the importance of what mommy is doing that day. It was tough to tell if he was at all impressed. I chalked it up to his lack of ability to express himself at his developmental stage – but trust he has some awe and wonder about it all.

Upon showing up I basically giggle my way throughout the poses. See, no one was telling me to pose a certain way. Being committed to my writing I feel it was of the utmost importance to follow this all the way through with the expressions that best reflect the nature of my color. It was hard to pull off feeling almost famous and that right amount of a shy look at the same time, but I remained steady.


Photo shot by a woman of the name Marsha from the Hirshfields staff. I believe it was shot on her own personal camera which was digital in nature. Click here to view the name color and description post live and onsite. Marsha was a pleasure to giggle with.

$100.00 richer in the form of a plastic gift card, visible and in print, what’s to stop me now? And the fun challenge of what to paint is to come.

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  1. Posted June 7, 2010 at 9:21 pm | Permalink

    Em, you’re a rock star! Or a paint star! Or… a name star? What the heck – you’re all of it. Way to stay in character for your big shoot. No one else could have pulled off that whole First Date thing better. (And will you be pulling that First Date hue into your home anytime soon??)

  2. Posted June 8, 2010 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

    I love the almost-famous-right-amount-of-shy look, you so pulled that off. I too btw have always wanted to name colors . . . ever since I came across a JCrew magazine in 5th grade.

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