three times three.

With a post holiday stay of brother Dan and sis plus bonus friend Beth comes twin 3 year old girls and AJ, their 5 year old boy.

Toss 3 year old Mr. C in the mix and here we go!!

And go.

And go again.

Run-run and rumpus-about.

Love the little sip and dog Mini making the scene.

I don’t like endings. So it is very convenient that the Christmas Spirit lingered for days afterward, there just wasn’t a moment to spare for any post holiday blues.

Yes – we are quite innocent sitting here. But don’t let their eyes fool you—they really aren’t that tired here.

Eventually each is tucked into ni-ni, and we parents don’t miss a beat, we take full advantage of this after hour special.


We savor.

And we regret how late we stay up, and do it all again.

And now onto an ending. I’ll miss you Dan and Beth. Thanks for getting me hooked on Psyche (a very cheesy show with random tangents and good dry humor – though I notice I don’t LOL quite as much without you.)

Until our next visit to your Mountain - love you.

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