happy hour!

Hey all, Heather here for the girls. Friday did arrive and I actually thought it might not. But it did and here we are. Ahhhh. I heard it’s going to reach 82 degrees today (wasn’t it just 28?) and to be honest it’s making me a teensy bit crabby. You can judge me, chalk it up, or wrap me in a bow but I’m just telling you my honest truth at the moment. I like my sweatshirt today and haven’t had a chance to change it up. Also, I’ve had a Friday night plan in my head of drinking something warm and sitting in Emily’s living room cozy with candles later tonight. So that’s what I’m going to do come 82 or not. The rest of you who don’t mind wearing flip flops again? You just have yourself a happy little Friday wherever you are, and I really do mean it. : )

Here’s what else we’ve been up to this week:

outs and ins | emily
little birthday to julie. | it’s a light wish for lighter days.
striking out. | and not striking gold, ugh!
if the shoes fit: | or maybe if it doesn’t, she’s not passing up a cute shoe.
a tribute to gold. | does this make striking out a bit more painful or bearable? Or both.

shorts and longs | julie
sold | it’s not in her living room.
new | it would be nice.
before my very eyes | R-girl was little once-upon-a-time.
thought for the day | do you think it’s worth it?

olds and news | heather
happy birthday, julie | beautiful the mess we are.
office space part 2 | a girl’s got to limit herself.
tag, we’re it: the school basket dilemma | alright girls, you have 1 more week to respond!

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