a tribute to gold.

With compassion, Julie wished upon me a Gold Rush. Low and behold, right out my own set of windows, alive and well (ok – actually in the process of dying) is my very own display of Gold and all its glory.

Now leaves, hang in there! No need to rush into anything – don’t let the pressure of the word fall influence you. You are beautiful. If we could all look so beautiful in our final days. Maybe we do?

Your shades of gold -  it was the inspiration for my paint shade. (lions den, by Behr Paint) And I love love it. Still loving it 4 years later, which says a lot.

And you are the cheapest option for drapes that I can find. I know I am a pretty open person…but it can be a bit of a freak show in here now and then.

So here’s to you. In honor of your beginning, a photo of the new sprung life just 6 months ago.

And I recall the waiting I did for you. For the previous 6 months I waited. And you came. Now I need to trust that as you leave again, you will indeed come again.

Know you are valued.

And come back.

I need you.

If not for me, for the dear family across the street.


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