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caught on tape.

My homespun video clip tour. Roll it. —  
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another kitchen perspective.

Here it is in black and white. The kitchen is just taking a little jaunt to the right of the house—here’s the layout of the back wall. The sink finds it’s new home under my previous dining room window. The kind of sink? Oh, just a basic white cast iron apron farmhouse style. Ok. Yea…it [...]
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hello! the plan

Still a happy girl!! Yes, I am in the basement a whole lot. And the fridge is up some stairs and around a corner, and the box filled with essentials required to survive this transition somehow got sealed up and went off with the POD. But lets keep in mind that I am so on [...]
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Oh. The sweetest of good-byes I tell you!!!! I woke up to that little girl on Christmas morning kind of feeling. I was greeted—as in startled awake from a comatose sleep—by a deep voice saying, “hello!!!??” Guess I overslept, which hear me doesn’t take away from the excitement I am trying to get across here. [...]
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we’re going in.

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having a sinking feeling.

What it is about mood – and why does it have to swing? From one day feeling so good – light on the feet and optimistic to the next day (as in today), not so much. Knowing yesterday was quite something I snapped a photo as proof of this possibility of a mid-week day feeling [...]
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right is right.

And what is this prize you may wonder?? Good question. I stumbled upon this great product line one week ago and now proudly own a couple of items by Norwex, but with my pain-in-the-neck last week I didn’t get to play with them, therefore not being able to see for myself if they were utterly [...]
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tag: i’m it! because i can.

Thanks to she-seeks-and-finds Julie, I am the proud owner of aqua and canary yellow curtains. And SHR let me leave their premises with this way to good of a deal wallpaper. (sshhh!) Recall, I didn’t hog all the rolls. With some fun things to get creative with – and Julie stopping in for an afternoon [...]
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striking out.

Sometimes the game and craft of seeking out steals and deals has its aches and pains. STRIKE ONE | STRIKE TWO | STRIKE THREE | Three great gold retro chrome rimmed tables. That’s three people! Any of which would be perfect for entering an aqua kitchen after rounding the corner of my gold living room. [...]
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cutting counters.

Much ado about this topic. And it’s not nothing. All in a tight time-frame of several things moving in: parents, winter and looming money topics. What should we do with the *%#@* tables in the garage, (or at least under his breathe) some said. Others said, “how fun we have these ready and waiting for [...]
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