easy for me.

After announcing he is going to take Mr. C for a boat ride and that I can have a break, Mr. K is all smiles upon hearing me reply with “can I come too?”

Looking back from the nice seat offered to me I see Mr. K happily sitting on the floor of the canoe while keeping us rowing along with Mr. C fishing on top of his lap.

I hear “are you comfortable em?”

“Yea. I would say that I am…”

What a treat. Just being. And together. A bit away, even if only for an hour or two. I’ll say it is just darn right pleasant. We exchanged information about things we saw along the way. Hear me—information.

Sweet exchanges like, “this is high water for this time of year. Wow, that’s a tall tree. This river connects to Rice Lake. This is peaceful.”

I kept all striving to engage at bay. I mean the— “what do you think we could do to make life easier? So if we move the shed, do you think a screen porch could go there? I wonder what that would really cost. Or maybe a patio?” Or the—”tell me how you really feel. What are you thinking about—like right now? Or earlier today? Like really, how are you?”


So it ends up being a break for all involved.

Yes, will be doing this again.

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it’s a new day.

I’m not the only one not complaining.


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how many years now?


Come on, aren’t we sweet? With just the most innocent PDA. (I am a church girl for heaven’s sake. Emphasis here on girl—and I suppose church too.)

I love you Mr. K. Still like you too.

Happy anniversary.

Illustration inspired by a string of lots and lots of gold and aqua moments with you Mr. K. Some of the scribbles represent the out-of-the-box, life-giving, God breathed, heartfelt and moving moments. Even more are the day-to-day ordinary normal people kind of coming and going, not always so serious, finding something to laugh about, a little whining and complaining, waking up the next day and saying hi to each other again moments. Then there are a few texts coordinating who is picking up whom from where and what. Or the text threads where I am asking when you be home exactly, and coordinating my next out-of-the-house because I am out-of-my-mind break. To which you simply reply with “K.” I take that one letter as the full expression of love that it actually represents and run.

We live happily ever after.

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dboy’s turn to teen.

This afternoon I say, “hey birthday boy! Can I take some pictures of you in the backyard?”

“Sure mom.”

We then hear the little blond’s raspy voice, “yes! owside! let’s GO!!!”

This is sounding familiar to me. A quick trip down memory lane here….as the E of the family, I recall my bigger brother Daniel coming home from school one afternoon in some kind of grocery bag  makeshift costume and my mom grabbing the camera. As they head to the backyard there is me trotting behind with a wispy head of hair and a cheerio shirt stretched around my tum-tum. I wiggle and worm my way near my big brother’s side grinning, and making it into all the snapshots.

So hearing myself say “Daniel, let’s zoom in on those styling shoes” (yes, I say styling—geek alert) I see Mr. C sitting up tall and swinging his pair of Cars shoes. Yes, I snap away.

Being three, Mr. C looks up to Dboy. Not just physically, though there is that—he is just a huge fan. He follows, imitates, and makes every effort to get into his room so he can gaze at every trophy and trinket. I realize I too will be looking up sooner than later—Dboy has already stretched taller than his bigger sister. Yikes.

Happy Birthday to you Dboy! You are a delight—an honest to goodness delight.

Love you.

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looking forward –

Did you just crack a smile? Or maybe a little smirk??

Me too!

There are things—moments and afternoons and evenings—to look forward to. We get to move toward the longer days, and the higher temps. I am in. I am in for all of it.

Had some fun scribbling and doodling on this rainy Sunday afternoon. Just letting my imagination go toward what is to come got my brain on a different wave length. Was like Debbie Downer got taken over by Pollyanna. Likely, part of this sun-filled attitude has to do with me getting some sleep. (Much needed sleep!) As in sleeping in until 11:30 on Saturday and 10:00 today. Amen!!! (Forgot to catch you up to the fact that Mr. C has risen to his day at the hour of 4 and 6 off an on lately—actually, I didn’t forget—it’s just that I’ve been too exhausted to mention it, until now that is.)

So if you can get your Polly on and dare to believe a real live season of warm sunlight is upon us—you are welcome to share what bright thoughts come to mind!! Would love to hear.

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maybe a little…

Not crazy. Just tired.

Sure you might feel crazy—you might be acting crazy—have the character down pat both on and off screen—but it’s only the being tired part that is to blame. Being tired is crazy making.

I have a little bit of experience in this area and it feels good to say it all out loud. Yes, I am sitting here in the dark typing and talking out loud. Just that normal kind of talking people do when they type sometimes…and it’s dark because it is night time. I haven’t shut myself in or anything odd like that…

…think I’ll head off to sleep now.

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happy may!

Very happy! Truly. It actually feels like May today and I officially say welcome! Join us— you may even stay awhile as far as I’m concerned. Let us linger in your loveliness. Your 60′s never felt so good after this down and out dreary April. And I’d take any 70′s you have up your sleeve too. And a slight breeze? Why yes.

Thanks Julie for our both/and theme for May. I do love love.

Reasons why I wish-I-May:

It isn’t winter anymore. (Well, maybe…)
Garage saling! (Ohhh yea!!! Me too!!!)
Dboy will become a teen. (Yes, Dboy—you may.)
I will sit on my retaining wall. (And may plant something along it?)
I will grill outdoors. (Others may join in.)
I will go to hockey games. (It is May after all.)
I will see The Teen dolled up for her first spring formal. (I may faint.)
I will tackle something around my house. (Or maybe just Mr. C?)
I will move my body—yoga or walks or something!! (Don’t even say maybe Emily.)
I will celebrate 16 years from the Friday evening I said “I do” to Mr. K. (May we continue to live happily ever after.)

Want this calendar for yourself? You may! Just click-click and print.

may calendar color |     may calendar bw

Any wish-you-Mays? Would love to hear what this month holds for you—to all that may come your way.

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hope has come.

And thank you dear cabin sharers for giving me the weekend to take these photos!

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while you wait.

To quote Julie’s words, “forecast: 100% chance of depressing.” That’s been the deal outside and women all week that I have talked to have echoed this how-low-can-we-go kind of attitude. If you are feeling out of sorts, you’re not alone.

I have reached my tipping point today. And I am not subscribing for a single 24 hour special of spring, I want the daily addition. The sticking around for awhile, you can count on me now kind of sun and warmth.

Looking for a pick-me-up-out-and-out-of-here—I go to my small fields of green.

They need some tending, a weekly chore I adore. (And one I actually do.) Gearing up with the perfect pair of completely unnecessary gardening gloves I roll up my sleeves and get to work with scissors in hand.

So grateful for this sacred color green, and it helps. It is something living, even when outside is so dog-gone-dreary.

Hope you are all hanging in there. Do whatever you need to feel the life that we are all craving by this time of year. I admitted to Mr. K today that he is doing nothing wrong / no one needs to do anything different / but that I am not in a good mood and trying really hard to do the day.

I do see the dark weather of Good Friday and Saturday as a symbol of loss and grief. I can go there and even partner in a small bit of suffering on behalf of this Easter weekend.

Here’s to new life tomorrow. Of celebrating our ultimate hope, ultimate life giving and breathing resurrecting hope. And I smile at the thought of the warm 64 degree and sunny forecast too.

For today, I wait. I try not to snap the heads off of those I live with, and I wait.

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a spring shower—

in honor of heath’s flower. Smile!

The goal on my mind: a fresh-life-filled April shower. That’s easy (and easier with a few kind offers to bring something! thanks again dears!!) with some smiling faces around any room—then add to that a to die for pregnant tummy and basically we all-for-one-and-one-for-all shifted into spring gear right there in my living room that sunny morning.

With the help of some pops of color (green grass here—green grass there!) and after a drawn out official coffee order extravaganza, the shower was in a full swing of goodness. Ole’ fashioned baby loving goodness.

Ahhh…. it was sweet and special and life-giving and an honor! (And nummy!)

Love to you heath and to this sweet life—coming soon!!

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