eat pray love.

I found the book read therapeutic, and the movie topped it off. Regardless of how connected Julia personally was to the part she played, I feel akin to Elizabeth’s seeker’s heart. Trying to find the balance of wanting more, and being right where I am.

The language caused me to pull my journal and pencil out to jot a few things down. Reading these words chicken scratch style made them all the more approachable.

- God.

- stop waiting for something and just be here.

- the sweetness of doing nothing.

- a quiet lonely place.

- ruin is a gift – a road to transformation.

- a broken ruined place brings comfort.

- you have to learn to select your thoughts like you select your clothes groceries….

- it’s not like I need easy, I just can’t have so hard.

- keep doing your work.

- you must know where you are to be happy.

- smile with your liver.

- if your brave enough to leave everything familiar, accept the teachings along the way…are prepared to face realities of yourself along the way, truth will be revealed to you.

Even having what I have, I continue to seek more. And just seeing a visual of that brought some comfort to me. $10.00 therapy isn’t too bad. (yes, the ticket was a full $10.00) And I will pay it again when you are ready to see it Julie.

florida shell photo by heath

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  1. Posted August 17, 2010 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    I’m really just in awe of those lines you scribbled down from the movie. I might have to print those out and kinda soak them in. So great. Thanks for sharing.

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