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happy hour | the both and

Hey friends, Heather here on behalf of the girls. Our weekly wrap-up began last night as we met up at Travail. We did our go-around-the-table thing which included the usual laughs, big reactions, table pounding and tears. All of this in-between ordering figlets, fries, white and light, beef tartare (Julie’s brave moment) and my steak & sweet corn heaven. I mean it was medium rare steak slices sitting in a little cream-of-corn puddle with a sauteed stack of little potato sheets. Yes, it was. I just realized I didn’t even share a bite. So sorry, girls! You all should go visit because it’s nummy and the “guys” travailing on your behalf are great.

Ok, back from reliving and onto today. This week Em has returned from the west, Julie is finally feeling a bit warm (she might even say sweaty), and I’m seeing this week end with a little Over the Rhine speaking my mind. Here’s a peek at our both/and week:

outs and ins | emily
> almost there. | This summer’s longest road trip and the end is in site.
> the teen’s life. | Mom’s proud, we’re all proud.
> adventure for dannyboy. | Em says one last summer good-bye.
> enough about the kids. | She’s dying for a sit-down in here (but outside) kind of thing.

shorts and longs | julie
> not alone | Here’s to doing life together.
> i think they have my couch | It’s pink and it’s clearly in the wrong house.
> is it just me | Julie finally noticed it’s hot up there.
> taking a break | A little screen porch and some peaches make it a break.

olds and news | heather
> bruschetta | H’s truth on gardening so far and a simple recipe.
> travail | H, T, C and E visit the new neighborhood restaurant.
> lookin’ forward | Sometimes you just gotta mark a day in the life.

Here’s to all of you and the end to your week. Cheers!

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