happy february!

Thanks Julie for your adorable take on the month of February. It’s the kind of calendar you’ll want to gaze at, letting your eye’s sink in while sipping English tea from your grandmothers china set.

As you sip you dream of using phrases like: “If the weather is agreeable we shall take a stroll through the garden hence lunch. Mother’s roses are in bloom and the afternoon sun is esquisite how it breaks through the pines from the west.”

My other view of February?

It is like getting my eyes poked out. Something I avoid doing unless absolutely necessary.

Screw the tea. Gazing at this calls for a double shot, double pump mocha espresso. With whip. If I am outside that sacred window of sipping, then I avoid.

The language in my head (or at times audible) while looking at this view of the month is less quaint: “Hells bells – ugh – your kidding me – do I drive that night? or is that the off week? let’s see….when could I schedule – wait -how is that going to work? all on the same night? why??? oh why!?!?!?”

The rule? I am never to write on the sacred peace filled calendar. No. No dates, or times, or plans. Leave it empty. I want it to speak it’s endearing messages to me: “there is plenty of time…take a stroll…write a letter… exclaim to Mr. K how fond you are of his dutiful commitment to sport and how honored you are to keep the fire kindled as you await his arrival each evening in the drawing room…”

Yes. Say this to him.

Thanks for the glimpse outside my reality for this month Julie. Look forward to more from the Both/And in the months ahead.

To print your own dreamy perspective on February, click on the PDF below, black and white or color.


february calendar | the both and | february calendar color | the both and

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  1. Beth Johnsoon
    Posted February 4, 2011 at 3:44 pm | Permalink

    You make me laugh.

  2. Emily Haataja
    Posted February 4, 2011 at 4:35 pm | Permalink

    Love that! And love your laugh Beth!! I am aware that I do take it too far – - yes, I realize that.

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