Sprinkle sprinkle—!



“Ah—Oh! There it is!!! Got it—whoa!”

Slide—”My Uggs!!!”

“Choo choo!”

RING—”I got a phone for Christmas – ”

Slice—”prime rib anyone??”

Smooth—peanut butter creamy cream creamiest….

Scritch, scratch, scribble—the A of the family sketching his slippers.

Click—”I got it!” Way to go little AJ.


Lots of good moments to take in over this Christmas. I can say I have been having a very very good time. A very Merry Christmas. And it feels like it is ongoing—no chance for after Christmas blues. (Not yet anyways!)

Trying not to spread myself too thin and take some moments in the midst of it all—


Thanks Dboy for my new exercise ball. You asked me what I wanted and remembered. How sweet.

{This is honestly the best thing for that mid-shoulder—I’ve wrapped one too many gifts, spread a little too much dough, carried one too many shopping bags—kind of pain. Take a deep breath and you get your own massage from the pressure of the ball on your shoulder blades and your full lungs, slowly release your breath and repeat.}

Take care of yourselves!

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