15 minute shopping.

On this snowy Wednesday afternoon I had the big opportunity to shop without Mr. C. So tearing up and down the isles of Nana and Papa’s local grocery store I came up with our families Thanksgiving fixins.

In 15 minutes.

I walk in and see a man carrying what looked like a bulky bird in his arms and I said “where do I find that?” He pointed and off I went. I then cart through the produce section and reach for something green, 5 potatoes, and a bag of carrots. I round my way past the bakery counter and toss in some rolls. Then I squirm and talk my way into and out of the middle isle with a sting of  “Oh, excuse me. Pardon me. Tis’ the season! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Oh—would you ever hand me a couple cans of pumpkin? And how about some evaporated milk? Thanks so much.”

Did I have a plan? A plan yes, a list no.

A first time family of five Thanksgiving meal – myself, Mr. K, The Teen, Dboy and Mr. C. That’s it.

I did take the time to throw out there—ok guys, it will just be us this year. Anyone have anything specific they would like to eat? Something new, something different? The Teen—turkey and pumpkin pie. Mr. K—some good bread. Dboy—nothing more comes to mind. Mr. C—no comment.

So do I really just go with that? Or do I shake things up a bit?

The reality is the last couple of weeks have had enough stress and I am not able to find a reason to kick it up a notch… Why force some sides, or new tricks up a turkeys sleeve just for the sake of what—then needing an actual shopping list? Spilling and leaking some high expectations into every corner of the kitchen and onto anyone who dares to enter lest they be asked firmly to help, or get out—now, or at least appreciate what I am doing for them, cause can’t they see I am over my head and now crazy and doing all of this because I so dearly love them?

Or do I just count it as a blessing and go with that low and behold a bite of turkey, and potatoes just about does it for this crew.

I hold this tension of wanting this family meal to be special – and intentional. But for me, I need to watch the line of intentionality and that it doesn’t leak into flat out intensity. That zaps out any kind of ease and spirit of just being. You don’t hear people recall “my favorite Thanksgiving was the year my mom was super stressed as she forced me to have a glimmer in my eye and an overwhelmed sense of how loved I was and cared for. It really marked my childhood as blessed when she made me and my brother ground up wheat from the earth and bake together while she directed us to spring into songs of heartfelt praise.”

Ease and simplicity—and with that maybe room and time for whatever more there is.

Advantage of the less is more game-plan? The bill—only $39.00.

(Does make me wonder if I forgot a thing or two? Hmmm…. Ok, just looked at the photo, I think I’m good.)

Thankful for the food and for this family of five.

I do hope the actual sitting down and eating part lasts a bit longer than the grocery store run…

But we’ll see.

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