happy hour.

Hi friends! Julie here for the girls, and I just have one thing to say:


Wow did this week take a lot of energy for some of us. Let’s all just pause for a moment to breathe.



Good. Keep that up!

Yes, Friday is here, another one, and—although I don’t foresee any magical Friday Fairies showing up to take away some of what’s currently making our plates/hearts/laundry baskets kinda heavy—Friday does bring with it some shifts. A change in the routine. Possibly a little extra help on the homefront, or a morning to sleep in, or, in my case, a parenting break. A precious few hours to recharge batteries, laugh, get support, laugh, and enjoy a beverage or two. Did I mention laugh??

Hope your Friday brings some positive shifts, and if it doesn’t deliver them to your door wrapped in a bow—perhaps you shoehorn one in yourself??

Here’s just a bit of what we’ve been up to this week:

outs and ins | emily
sunday: break | suck, suck, suck—huh???
in and out | the nana-papa shuffle.
the wind blows | and not always gently.

shorts and longs | julie
it’s just a little chili | but it’s cozy inside on game night.
1935 | meet the man of the year.
round the clock | she’ll sleep eventually.
tag, you’re it: because I can | get loud and proud, people.

olds and news | heather
almost eight | and loving life.
whatcha reading? | seriously. she wants to know!
he might | and he probably will.

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