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happy hour | the both and

Hey friends! Emily here. Happy to be heading into a weekend. I already have scheduled some needed break time. Hoping all you friends out there have some of that for yourselves. A break. Please tell me it is so. Whether for you that’s a movie, thrifting, knitting, reading, sleeping, or chatting…tell me something is coming your way.

If the thought of a break – no matter how large or small is feeling wanted or needed – it’s because of one of these two reasons:

You are engaged in life, you have poured out this week and in need of renewal. You have picked up, dropped off, worked, woken up earlier than you would of preferred, and likely cooked or cleaned a couple of things. At least this much.


You are a lazy selfish person who only thinks about yourself with no regard to the responsibilities that need tending to and the people who are in need of you.

That’s right. There is no in between. So now you have to chose, which one are you? And what are you going to do on your break this weekend? Would love to hear.

A glimpse at why we are needing a break:

outs and ins | emily
cutting counters | we (as-in-he) got to this point.
never want to be too old | my young emily.
tea for two at two | the tea is just part of it.

shorts and longs | julie
the ex factor | an extremely odd day she had.
does it? | a great question to ponder.
buckle up | and leave the house julie.
dinner | she made it! in a pink (dirty) oven.
i got tagged: office cleanup | not one, but two.

olds and news | heather
1999 | something and someone to remember.
11 years | about her oldest and youngest to come.
warm oat scones | some comfort in the oven.

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