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the wind blows.

It’s windy outside. And I have been feeling some of the blows. > Pow > Punch > Hard truth > Hard questions > Hard answers Looking up and around I wonder what to grab at first, or what things just to let fall where they may. Do I step in and help soften the landing? [...]
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tag, i’m it: office space.

Oh. The pain. The forcing myself to sit and go through papers and random objects. 3 bins. Yes. This system was very helpful. Also, knowing I needed a push so badly I tagged myself. Also wise. Do I need to keep this? Throw this? Or it needs more attention and time then I am capable [...]
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never want to be too old.

A lovely quote referring to Blythe. Who she is, what she represents. I did some reading on this doll I see everywhere and now know I would like one of my own to keep my curious and playful side alive and present. (This head can get stuck in serious adult mode). My young emily comes [...]
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cutting counters.

Much ado about this topic. And it’s not nothing. All in a tight time-frame of several things moving in: parents, winter and looming money topics. What should we do with the *%#@* tables in the garage, (or at least under his breathe) some said. Others said, “how fun we have these ready and waiting for [...]
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tag: we are it! office space.

Not trying to be a debbie-downer. Really. I am trying to both a dreamer and in reality both. This fall theme of wanting to get a bit more organized is a huge challenge for me. I look at the clearly noted issue above (to be honest, this is my desk on a good day) and [...]
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fall is coming.

And I don’t mean Mr. K. After being away for my 24 hours of fun, this walking in the door bit can really bite. As in – whoosh – I am overwhelmed – and regret how late I stayed up chatting. This time, this is what I see. Getting at all the dust bunnies from [...]
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eat pray love.

I found the book read therapeutic, and the movie topped it off. Regardless of how connected Julia personally was to the part she played, I feel akin to Elizabeth’s seeker’s heart. Trying to find the balance of wanting more, and being right where I am. The language caused me to pull my journal and pencil [...]
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decison made: massage.

I went for the massage. In attempt to not repeat going into another Monday feeling life-less and drained, I chose some self care. As wise women have told me, self care is not selfish. Self care is of the utmost importance. And if all else fails there’s the ol’ standby: if mama ain’t happy, ain’t [...]
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and we’re off! (almost)

A little later than expected. My dad just called to see how Mr. C is doing in our car ride, my reply “we haven’t left yet.” And the Nana and Papa chuckle. Getting closer. Feel free to hope on our behalf that this smiley attitude sticks lasts a long while for Mr. C. Soon to [...]
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there-in lies the problem. and there. there too.

I have been dreaming, scheming, doing emotional and physical gymnastics in trying to make this work. This kitchen in my home with rooms and levels. There shouldn’t be rooms. And levels. Just take a peek, don’t stare too long as it could leave a negative lasting effect. If you can drum up hope, as I [...]
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