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woman conquers the war on paper.

And she really has. For her I don’t even think a war was ever even declared. There wasn’t a battle. From birth any piece of paper to touch her hand she probably followed the “touch it once” rule and it was put in the right bin, filed or tossed. So Crissy, Jen and girls, and [...]
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striking out.

Sometimes the game and craft of seeking out steals and deals has its aches and pains. STRIKE ONE | STRIKE TWO | STRIKE THREE | Three great gold retro chrome rimmed tables. That’s three people! Any of which would be perfect for entering an aqua kitchen after rounding the corner of my gold living room. [...]
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good enough.

From a clever Swedish shop: And I Love You She Said, this print is quite clear. And I would like to agree. Being so black and white does make it hard to argue with. If I had this planted on the wall, hmm…would that be a good visual? I do wonder if it would start to [...]
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cutting counters.

Much ado about this topic. And it’s not nothing. All in a tight time-frame of several things moving in: parents, winter and looming money topics. What should we do with the *%#@* tables in the garage, (or at least under his breathe) some said. Others said, “how fun we have these ready and waiting for [...]
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tag: we are it! office space.

Not trying to be a debbie-downer. Really. I am trying to both a dreamer and in reality both. This fall theme of wanting to get a bit more organized is a huge challenge for me. I look at the clearly noted issue above (to be honest, this is my desk on a good day) and [...]
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cutting corners.

These naked drywall corners. It’s the burden of a 1970′s home, and it is a  tough one. This lack of character creates a feeling of nothingness. Emptiness. Dare I say, loneliness. What’s a suburban house-wife (blech!) to do? - As I’ve traveled near (hunt and gather), and far (ok, 25 minutes west) I have started [...]
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fall is coming.

And I don’t mean Mr. K. After being away for my 24 hours of fun, this walking in the door bit can really bite. As in – whoosh – I am overwhelmed – and regret how late I stayed up chatting. This time, this is what I see. Getting at all the dust bunnies from [...]
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white walls.

Those open shelves to die for. The timeless white airy walls. Any object placed or hung gets all the attention and drama. Simple. Understated. Nummy. Some of you have that ability in you – to go white. I’m drawn to a white room – but I just can’t. So why not? Is it the scarcity [...]
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tag, you’re it! clean out your basement.

Why must you clean out your basements friends? Because your parents are moving in. Yippy!! Ok. No really though. It will be a fun adventure. Nana and Papa are moving in for a short 3 months, with only a short weeks notice. Since space is limited here, the basement will need to transform into their [...]
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getting down to earth.

Just picked up Dboy from the other side of the earth from his hockey camp on this 90+ degree day. He climbs in the van with a sweaty head and a fresh pack of skittles in hand. Those darn vending machines! He obviously picks up on my subtle-but-oh-so-dark-and-shameful-glare: “What else could I have gotten that [...]
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