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one less step for mankind: laundry.

Really? One less step? Is that possible? 1. The bringing the laundry down  2. sorting  3. washing  4. switching to dryer  5. folding  6. stacking in baskets  7. bringing to the correct rooms  8. putting away The hardest part for me is rounding that corner from the folding and stacking in baskets to the part [...]
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happy february!

Thanks Julie for your adorable take on the month of February. It’s the kind of calendar you’ll want to gaze at, letting your eye’s sink in while sipping English tea from your grandmothers china set. As you sip you dream of using phrases like: “If the weather is agreeable we shall take a stroll through [...]
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No matter where you find yourself today—here’s something to smile about. Brought to you by twin girls and a big ol’ box of hand-me-down shoes. And more shoes. How very sweet. To toddle around in any of these with big eyes open to what the day has ahead. Happy day to you! — Thanks maggie [...]
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restful thoughts.

Trying to keep some peace—find where it resides in myself and be open to more. Isn’t she lovely? So down to earth she is. She may be a bit tired after all the cutting and clearing away of the flowers—of which I am so proud of her for leaving a few undone. Yes, let go [...]
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have you met my mother?

I spend time with her about every other week. She can hold her own. She is is sturdy and curvy. She ages beautifully. She is a there when and I need her and I even take her out from time to time. She never lets me down. Meet The Mother: She’s a big deal — [...]
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happy january!

And happy 2011! Don’t you just love turning the page of your calendar? Or how about starting fresh all together? It’s crazy how for me a visual of the month can get me motivated for all sorts of crazy things— from going through my tupperware drawer to looking up some soup recipes with pen in [...]
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shouldn’t be so kind.

This little cabinet of mine – it went from drab pine – to aqua shine. The golden knobs from Anthro, of course. I have liked liked— but not loved loved. * * * * * Maybe I treated it too kindly? Stop the madness. This is very much indeed what I would love. Like forever [...]
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Sprinkle sprinkle—! Urrrr….whirER-ER-ER-ER-ER…… green…blue….pink…purple…. “Ah—Oh! There it is!!! Got it—whoa!” Slide—”My Uggs!!!” “Choo choo!” RING—”I got a phone for Christmas – ” Slice—”prime rib anyone??” Smooth—peanut butter creamy cream creamiest…. Scritch, scratch, scribble—the A of the family sketching his slippers. Click—”I got it!” Way to go little AJ. Lick—mmmmm….. Lots of good moments to take [...]
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week four: the plan

Christmas Christmas now is here! (Almost!!) We spend the Eve in the comfort of our own home with the B4 (or 4 and a 1/2) as guests. Cozy and nummy we will share a pot of  heath’s stew, crusty bread and my peanut butter banana cream pie that I just found a recipe for. I [...]
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we’re going in.

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