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we’re going in.

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all is calm.

Something has recently settled down a bit – and I can only hope it has an internal affect in me as well. Awhile back I started out with a disaster of a home office area— no space to work, and piles on top of piles. Then after some tedious painful steps, I got to this— much [...]
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tiny trees.

We are blasting into December full speed people. Like there are rumors of January up and coming. I’m going to hang out in the Christmas spirit for awhile, and I am among friends, hope you can join us in between whatever madness you are up to on your end of the world. So tree raising [...]
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week one: tree

I am loving our new—very fake—very used—very cheap tree. Dboy helped me bring it out of Goodwill and into the house with the ambiance of a cold winters rain. (Dang it!) After getting Mr. C down for a nap, I take inventory of what is what here. The branches are all grouped and labeled with [...]
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alive and well.

Buffalo was a success (according to my standards!) And so glad to have a new hunting buddy along – that was fun M!! You’ve got a good eye for game girl. As well as a front porch. (!!!) Ohhh- I would love that! No accidents – besides a spilt mocha at a stop light. Shoot! [...]
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having a sinking feeling.

What it is about mood – and why does it have to swing? From one day feeling so good – light on the feet and optimistic to the next day (as in today), not so much. Knowing yesterday was quite something I snapped a photo as proof of this possibility of a mid-week day feeling [...]
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tag: i’m it! because i can.

Thanks to she-seeks-and-finds Julie, I am the proud owner of aqua and canary yellow curtains. And SHR let me leave their premises with this way to good of a deal wallpaper. (sshhh!) Recall, I didn’t hog all the rolls. With some fun things to get creative with – and Julie stopping in for an afternoon [...]
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i got tagged! school basket dilemma.

So I took a bit of action on this battle of paper. It hasn’t resolved or fixed any of my problems. But it was fun and will be useful. First things first, Crissy asked what do I do with school paper and projects. Once I get it off my desk (challenge number one) most of [...]
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striking out.

Sometimes the game and craft of seeking out steals and deals has its aches and pains. STRIKE ONE | STRIKE TWO | STRIKE THREE | Three great gold retro chrome rimmed tables. That’s three people! Any of which would be perfect for entering an aqua kitchen after rounding the corner of my gold living room. [...]
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roughing it.

Somehow in the midst of all this table drama of hauling, purchasing, stacking, discussing, with some arguing, I got two of these stainless steel babies that I’ve been wondering about. Side-by-side they could make a fun island when that day comes. With Mr. K wanting to park cars in the garage, I got to dreaming [...]
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