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week four: the plan

Christmas Christmas now is here! (Almost!!) We spend the Eve in the comfort of our own home with the B4 (or 4 and a 1/2) as guests. Cozy and nummy we will share a pot of  heath’s stew, crusty bread and my peanut butter banana cream pie that I just found a recipe for. I [...]
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week one: tree

I am loving our new—very fake—very used—very cheap tree. Dboy helped me bring it out of Goodwill and into the house with the ambiance of a cold winters rain. (Dang it!) After getting Mr. C down for a nap, I take inventory of what is what here. The branches are all grouped and labeled with [...]
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15 minute shopping.

On this snowy Wednesday afternoon I had the big opportunity to shop without Mr. C. So tearing up and down the isles of Nana and Papa’s local grocery store I came up with our families Thanksgiving fixins. In 15 minutes. I walk in and see a man carrying what looked like a bulky bird in [...]
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one, two, THREE!

1. ON YOUR MARK. On 11/10/2007 Mr. C made his mark. After a long journey into this new lifetime he sleeps. — 2. GET SET: After his long and last day of twoness – rumpusing and toddeling about – he sleeps. — 3. GO! Birthday boy! There he goes!! (and goes!!) Running today right into [...]
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light birthday to julie.

This woman is walking. She is living and breathing and hurting. And has been for quite some time. One step at a time she is taking steps towards what is light. Even when it feels heavy. She stands tall. She stands beautifully. This is the chapter for now. Today I want to just say – [...]
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who’s having a birthday?

friend heather. as tradition goes – 3 nice things. alright, the woman is beautiful. not counting that as one, the picture said it. I like that she likes green. again, noted by photo. oh, the hair. oh, naturelle. clearly seen in photo. my 3 nice things about my friend heather: 1. she see’s the good [...]
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